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Welcome to sesame Seed Factory

Welcome to Sesame Seed Factory
Making of Kadoya sesame products

Since the old days, people were aware that sesame seeds were rich in oil (its content percentage being nearly 50%), and ground them to make sesame oil for various purposes.
Today, on the scenic island of Shodoshima in the Seto Inland Sea, Kadoya produces a variety of sesame products including sesame oil, a tradition kept alive since the time of its establishment. Our products are not only sold nationwide, they also are exported overseas.

Tools used in sesame oil production in the Edo Period

Since the ancient times, people ground sesame for various occasions and uses such as lighting, rituals and food. The history of Kadoya sesame oil production dates back to the Edo Period (the fifth year of Ansei/ 1858). The following are the tools used for making sesame oil at that time. They will carry your heart to the Edo Period and remind you of the rich flavor of sesame oil.

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