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We provide a traditional, fine flavor, unchanged since the foundation of the company in 1858, due to means of the most advanced facilities and quality control.
Floating in the Seto Inland Sea, Shodoshima Island is ideally suited to the production of sesame oil because of its warm and steady climate throughout the year. This nature-blessed environment is the home of Kadoya Sesame Mills, where Kadoya keeps its traditional flavor alive with the latest facilities and quality control techniques.
To provide everyone with sesame oil as a natural health food, we manufacture all products with production lines where the focus is placed on quality rather than efficiency, always keeping the creed “tenderly, softly and carefully” in mind to maximize and not spoil the natural flavor of the sesame.
For raw materials, we select sesame seeds of superior quality from selected sesame from all over the world, including the African nations. Even then, only the best of the best is used.
These selected materials are processed using traditional techniques, from roasting, braising and squeezing to filtration, and their quality perfectly controlled with the most advanced facilities.
In particular, we give full attention to roasting to create a unique, fragrant flavor and color; this is the secret of Kadoya’s flavor.
In addition, our research laboratory is exploring more fragrant and better flavors of sesame oil.
From cooking oil to edible sesame, we offer a product lineup that meets a variety of needs.
We provide products suitable for all uses; from cooking oil such as pure sesame oil and pure white sesame oil to edible sesame such as sesame paste and roasted sesame. These products are for use not only in general households but also due to professionals, including in restaurants, and as raw materials for processed food. Accordingly, we are positively engaged in the development and manufacture of high-value added products to meet the diverse needs of general consumers and processing manufacturers.
The Kadoya network: valuing consumers through interaction across the country
From PR events such as tasting parties and cooking classes targeting housewives and sales campaigns at shops, we have developed sales channels while valuing interaction with consumers. . Furthermore, our branch and sales offices all over the country are tightly connected to organize marketing and sales routes that can quickly respond to demands in order to make our products readily and safely available to customers anywhere.
About us

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