Deep-fried Prawns with White Sesame Flavor

Deep-fried Prawns with White Sesame Flavor
Cooking time

20 minutes


276 Kcal per person

Ingredients (for 4 persons)
  • Prawns (large Size)


  • Salt, pepper and chili powder (cayenne pepper)

    Small amounts

  • Flour

    4 tablespoons

  • Egg


  • Roasted White Sesame Seeds

    8 tablespoons

  • Frying oil (cooking oil)

    Appropriate amount

  • Vegetables, including potherb mustard and lettuce

    Appropriate amount

  • 【Spicy Sauce】

  • Mayonnaise

    2 tablespoons

  • Tomato ketchup

    1 tablespoon

  • Tabasco and lemon juice

    A dash

  • Shell and de-vein prawns, make small incisions in their underbody, and sprinkle salt, pepper, and chili powder (cayenne pepper).

  • Coat the prawns from (1) with flour, dip them in beaten eggs, and coat them with Roasted White Sesame Seeds. (It is not necessary to coat the prawns with Roasted White Sesame Seeds fully.)

  • Heat cooking oil in a fryer, add the prawns from (2) coated with flour and sesame seeds and deep-fry them until crisp.

  • Mix mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, Tabasco and lemon juice well to make the Spicy Sauce.

  • Place vegetables such as potherb mustard and lettuce on a serving dish and arrange the prawns from (3) and sauce from (2) on top.

Tips: Spicy Sauce goes well with not only seafood and fried food, but also salads.

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